Carmen & Robert Wedding

East Bay, California, September 24, 2017

Carmen and Robert are perhaps one of the most complementary couples who I have ever met. I've known Carmen for close to a decade now, she's such an amazing person. She's so full of life, so gracious, and so energetic. I'm so happy to see her with Robert! He's such an amazing guy and both of them love each other just so much!

Both of them just work so well that I'm so glad to have been part of their adventure! From their engagement photographs to their wedding, I've got nothing but great love for these two!

I'm happy to have a new photographer join us for this trip! Olivia did a fantastic job! Kristina, who is a friend of mine from college, is part of our crew as well, and we're so happy to have her! Thanks to Brian for always being such a clutch photographer!

I hope you all enjoy these great photos of this beautiful couple!

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